Dinnerware for Kids

  • Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware

    Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware

    We choose high-quality rice husk and natural plant fiber as rawmaterials for the production of tableware, in order to ensure your and yourfamily's health from the source.Read More
  • Portable Kids Dinnerware

    Portable Kids Dinnerware

    •DISHWASHER SAFE -- the bowl is physically tight and smooth, no bacteria hidden and easy to clean. •FALLING IN LOVE WITH EATING -- Cute characters that attract children and feel eating is an interesting thing when using the bowls.Read More
  • Rice Husk Unisex Dinnerware Plate

    Rice Husk Unisex Dinnerware Plate

    Product Description: Product Feature: 1.The shape is round and beautiful 2.Antibacterial mould-proof 3.Rice husk material 4.Without lacquer wax Company Information: “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” “Adhere to the harmonious coexistence of man and...Read More
  • Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Spoon

    Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Spoon

    Product Description: Advantage: 1.Raw materials use natural rice husk fiber, healthy and 2.environmental quality Natural plant fiber environmental protection products are not disposable products, can be used repeatedly 3.4R”Environmental concept, reduce pollution, resource...Read More
  • Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Cup

    Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Cup

    Product Description: →Organic rice husk →Non - toxic environmental protection is more energy - saving →High temperature integral molding →Wear resistance easy to clean →Natural waxes of surface plants are derived from rice husks, which will gradually disappear with daily use,...Read More
  • Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Bowl

    Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Bowl

    Product Description: Development trend of rice husk tableware: ◆With the development of high-tech, environmental damage is becoming more and more serious, how to develop green recycling economy, restore the earth, human face a severe test? ◆New environmental protection...Read More
  • Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Plate

    Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware Plate

    Product Description: Using fresh rice husk plant fiber, through fine processing, then through high temperature integral molding and ultraviolet disinfection, become as healthy as rice husk eco-friendly tableware. Product Concept : →Simply enjoy the joy of life →Take care of...Read More
  • Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware Fork

    Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware Fork

    Product Description: Product Features: →Healthy environmental protection →Natural material →Entrance security →Let you enjoy a healthy life Our advantage : ●OEM/ODM We provide you with the opportunity to private label products and custom formulas. ●Excellent design team We...Read More
  • Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware

    Rice Husk Boys Dinnerware

    We use sustainable materials rice husk. Using naturally-sourced (often repurposed) materials allows us to develop and manufacture products with the smallest environmental footprint possible.Read More
  • Rice Husk Unisex Dinnerware

    Rice Husk Unisex Dinnerware

    Our baby dishes set derived from nature, is made from biological material—Rice Husk and wheat fiber.It won't release harmful substances even when filling with hot water or heated food, making it a perfect design for children.Read More
  • Rice Husk Kids Dinnerware

    Rice Husk Kids Dinnerware

    Product description:
    Rice Husk Dinnerware
    Materials: Rice Husk
    Freezer Safe
    Microwave Safe (Up to 3 Minutes)
    Can safely hold liquids from -30 to 120 degrees Celsius
    BPA Free
    Read More
  • Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware Bowl

    Rice Husk Girls Dinnerware Bowl

    Green Map kid's dinner set are practical and interesting, carton style make your children love the meal time. It is easy to handle for small hands, the best meal set to training your babies eating by themselves!Read More
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