Dinnerware for Senior

  • Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware

    Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware

    Product Information ◆Global sales network Europe, America, Australia,Japan and all over the world. ◆Samples Support sample order. ◆Quality guarantee Strict quality control system by SGS.Read More
  • Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Bowl

    Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Bowl

    We have only one earth what is beautiful as our lives.Green map as the earth environmental protector is commit to do our best to reduce the plastic pollution.Let Green footprint measures our green earth. "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets." "Adhere to...Read More
  • Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Cup

    Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Cup

    Product description Brand: Green Map Temperature range : -30(℉) to 120(℉) Care: Dishwasher Safe Not to be microwaved more than three minutesRead More
  • Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Spoon

    Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Spoon

    Why Green Map? Revives Waste Instead of disposing rice husks as agricultural waste, the husks are revived into an entirely new product ; thus giving it a new lease of life on this planet as natural-material dining ware. Reduces pollution Instead of burning the agricultural...Read More
  • Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Plate

    Rice Husk Senior Dinnerware Plate

    With the development of high-tech, environmental damage is becoming more and more serious, how to develop green recycling economy, restore the earth, human face a severe test? New environmental protection tableware to follow the "environmental protection 4R" principle,...Read More
  • Non-Toxic Senior Dinnerware

    Non-Toxic Senior Dinnerware

    We believed that there was a better use for these rice husks and through research, development and innovation. We are proud and congratulated the rice husk tableware was born. The dinnerware series is our first collection of products featuring the rice husks material. Look...Read More
  • Portable Senior Dinnerware

    Portable Senior Dinnerware

    Rice is one of the most plentiful, common and popular food sources on the earth. Rice is a staple food in many countries and U.N. estimates believe that Rice provides more than 22% of the calories consumed worldwide by people. Rice husk is a naturally hard material and serves...Read More
  • Biodegradable Senior Dinnerware

    Biodegradable Senior Dinnerware

    Rice husk meal is made of rice husk fiber, after sifting rice husk, crushed into rice husk fiber, filtered into fiber granules, into high-mix mixing, high-temperature sterilization, hot molding, uv sterilization and other procedures made from tableware.Natural, healthy, free...Read More
  • Plant Fiber Senior Dinnerware

    Plant Fiber Senior Dinnerware

    Green Map, regenerate the rice husk, creatively turns them into healthy products. Food contact material muse be safe and health, all our products without heavy metals, plasticizer, bisphenol A, microwave safe and dishwasher safe, 100% biodegradable.Read More
  • Advanced Material Senior Dinnerware

    Advanced Material Senior Dinnerware

    Rice husk tableware is made of rice husk fiber, which is processed through screening, crushed into rice husk fiber, filtered into fiber particles, mixed into high-mix agent, high-temperature sterilization, hot pressing molding, uv sterilization and other series of processes...Read More
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