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Application of rice husk in agriculture
- Oct 01, 2018 -

Feed: treated or modified with alkali or ammonia, the expanded rice husk is A good feed, which can improve the digestibility by removing silicon and lignin after treatment;Rice husk powder and rice bran should be mixed in appropriate proportion with rice husk, which is a satisfactory feed for cattle, and riboflavin-containing feed and rice husk were used to feed poultry, and the growth was good. Rice husk was fermented in Japan and the Philippines as feed, and the protein content was up to 30%

Fertilizer: the expanded rice husk can absorb water up to 2-3 times of its own weight, add 1% urea or 0.5% ammonium sulfate, a small amount of lime water, ferment to black in the open air, and make fertilizer with good water retention, fertilizer retention and porosity.The sponge material made of rice husk carbon absorbs water and has excellent water-retention performance. The water storage coefficient is more than 1 times that of soil, and it has good light absorption and air performance. The semi-artificial soil planted with this material can increase the yield by 1 times.The organic compound fertilizer with rice husk ash, rape offal and rapeseed cake was prepared.