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How to protect the environment
- Oct 05, 2018 -

1. Bind up the unused paper in the old exercise book and make a draft book.

2. Collect used draft paper, old exercise book and examination paper, find a suitable way, and send them to the paper mill for reprocessing into usable paper.

3.Save paper, paper draft full, don't just write a few Numbers and throw away.

4.As far as possible to save paper, whether it is toilet paper or napkin, handkerchief can replace with a handkerchief instead.

5.Practice writing Chinese calligraphy and painting traditional Chinese painting on waste newspapers.

6.Some wrapping paper can be made into handicrafts to beautify our life.

7.Try not to use disposable dishes and chopsticks.

8.Convenient chopsticks or bamboo sticks can be recycled after the use of handicrafts.

9.Do not use mechanical methods to damage or damage trees.

10.Plant more plants.

11.The decoration of the remaining wood, wood chips to the paper mill, reduce the number of trees cut down.Cherish every tree in your country and use laws to regulate people's awareness of protection.