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Oxidation Pathways Of Aliphatic Acids
- Oct 26, 2018 -

(1) oxidation of organic matter under the catalysis of a single oxidase. 

(2) dihydroxylation, that is, organic degradation begins to accept two oxygen atoms to form two hydroxyl groups. 

(3) in the enzyme catalyzed water oxygen atoms as hydroxyl into the matrix. 

(4) in benzene ring cracking must be catalyzed by double oxidase, so that the benzene nucleus with two hydroxyl substituents. 

(5)The metabolic order of benzene ring pyrolysis with lactone is to form lactone first, and then hydrolyze lactone to achieve benzene ring pyrolysis. The study on the degradation pathways and forms of organic compounds can provide a basis for elucidation of the biodegradability of microorganisms, synthesis of biodegradable pesticides and preservatives that are difficult to be biodegradable.