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Rice Husk Characteristics
- Oct 04, 2018 -

Rice husk is composed of inner glume and larger outer glume.Rice husk length 5-10mm, 2.5

-- 5mm, 23 -- 30um thick, and its color is yellow, golden yellow, tawny and red-brown, etc.The stacking density of rice husks is 96 -- 160kg. M-3. After the husks are crushed, the stacking density can reach 384 -- 400kg. M-3.

The higher the silicon content in rice husk, the harder and stronger the wear resistance.The static Angle of rice husk is 35 degrees, that of rice husk through 50-160 mesh mesh after crushing is 43-45 degrees, and that of rice husk through 80 mesh mesh is 40 degrees.