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Corn Tableware And Rice Husk Tableware Which Is Good?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Corn and rice husk itself are natural plants, there is no good or bad points, the key lies in the processing technology. Corn starch (Foreign flavor Name: PLA) is a new biodegradable material, it has good biodegradability, but so far, if not add any chemical petroleum-based ingredients, corn starch tableware strength and stability is very poor, Now the market of corn starch tableware is basically added pp (plasticizer) and other products to increase its strength and stability, but even so there are many problems, such as you see a slightly more expensive corn starch tableware will be marked fragile, temperature can not be higher than 80 degrees and other signs.

If the cheaper corn starch tableware do not buy, just playing the guise of environmental protection tableware, selling things added a bunch of messy gum. Rice husk, is also 100% biodegradation, but its material is the main element of silicon and calcium, so the rice husk tableware than the strength of corn tableware is much higher, but still not as plastic, than the resistance of the ceramic drop, the use of the instructions to withstand the temperature of 30-120 degrees, the material is: rice husk fiber, lignin, starch. These three categories are classified as plant fiber category.

As for whether to add glue, to see whether their products through some international certification, such as SGS, TUV and other global leading third-party certification bodies, because the detection of oil-based components is relatively easy.

The most important thing to buy a product is to filter, such as buying apples or the official website or flagship store more reliable, and other products.