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Development Of Vegetable Fiber Tableware
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Total degradation of plant fiber tableware is in the protection of the environment, the governance of white pollution, replace polystyrene foam tableware (EPS) in the spring tide produced. The research and development of this production technology is mainly in China, and there are few reports abroad, which has obvious Chinese characteristics. This is due to the lack of timber resources in China, but bamboo, reed and crops, such as orange pole, straw, rice and wheat shell, such as herb fiber or bagasse, sawdust and other waste is very rich in natural resources conditions formed.

After the raw materials are crushed and other pretreatment, and meet the food hygiene standards of adhesives, water resistance, fillers and other additives under a certain process of hot-pressing molding, you can get the full degradation of plant fiber molding tableware. Total degradation of vegetable fiber tableware in China in the early 90, in the late 90 in the country has a large development, the end of 1999, the completion of the production line of about 50, the production of 2 billion; in recent years, the national manufacturers and research workers have overcome the appearance, strength, thermal brittleness deficiencies, Especially in the anti-moisture mildew and to achieve the health indicators have made a breakthrough progress; at the same time, the development of the process equipment miniaturization, high production efficiency, low price, the process matures, product quality to gb18006.1-1999 "disposable biodegradable food and beverage with general technical requirements."

Some products have been exported to South Korea and Southeast Asia, and are making positive contributions to the cause of environmental protection in China and the world.