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Identification Of Degradable Tableware
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Experts suggest that through the "one-look, two-smell, three-tear," several methods to identify the degradable tableware: First of all, it is necessary to see if there is a QS logo and number on the box, and secondly, it depends on whether the surface of the meal box is smooth or not, and there are no impurities or black spots.

Generally speaking, transparent plastic meal box is produced using pure polypropylene (PP), the safety factor is relatively high; brightly coloured meal boxes may use scrap plastic, so the darker the color the more unsafe.

Two touch, is to touch the strength of the meal box, the use of recycled waste or a large number of added industrial grade calcium carbonate, talcum powder production of the meal box, the strength is generally poor, gently tore on the rupture.

Three smell, is the news a smell meal box has no odor, qualified meal box is not smell out of taste. "Black Food Box" features summed up is six jingle: Hand pinch soft, light tear on the rupture, a smell pungent odor, heat deformation easy leakage, arm there is wax printing, shredded into the water sinking.

As long as you remember the above jingle, you can easily distinguish the disposable meal box is qualified.

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