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Is Rice Husk Cutlery Safe?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

One: Rice husk tableware safety. Rice husk tableware is a natural plant fiber biodegradable products, rice husk as the main raw materials, processed by high-tech production process, natural conditions can be self-degradation, to avoid environmental pollution, saving non-renewable resources, all health physical and chemical indicators to meet international standards, is our daily life to eliminate white pollution, The best "green products" for the protection of resources and the ecological environment.

Second: Rice husk is agricultural waste, not easy to be digested by the earth, most of the use of incineration, waste of resources at the same time, produce a lot of carbon dioxide, pollution of the entire natural environment.

Three: Rice husk tableware is the waste rice husk regeneration treatment, into a pure natural, healthy, free of any harmful chemical ingredients tableware. And these products are discarded after aging, and can be degraded by the earth digestion, the environment completely pollution-free.

Four: Rice husk tableware made from rice husk fiber, rice husk after screening, crushed into rice husk fiber, filtered into fiber particles, into high-mix mixing, high-temperature sterilization, hot-pressing molding, ultraviolet sterilization, and other production of a number of processing utensils.