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Problems Existing In Vegetable Fiber Tableware​
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Plant fiber tableware due to the acquisition and performance of raw materials there are some problems that need to be addressed carefully:

① residues of pesticides, feces, dust, and bacterial mildew on the crop fibres are a concern that safety and hygiene are difficult to guarantee in large-scale production;

② is easier to absorb moisture, in the humid environment may mildew;

③ poor flexibility, so that the drop strength is poor; under the condition of hot and hot oil, the adhesion strength is poor, the brittleness is big, the hand is slightly hard, the product is easy to break;

④ appearance is more rough, color yellow; ⑤ because the raw material flexibility is not, the brittleness is bigger, therefore makes the tableware product The thick wall, the single weight is bigger, affects the transportation cost to raise.