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​Rice Husk Is A Good Raw Material For Fermentation Mattresses
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Rice husk is a good raw material for fermentation mattresses. Its air permeability is better than that of sawdust, and its adsorption is slightly lower than that of sawdust.Carbohydrate content is lower than sawdust, ash content is higher than sawdust, service effect and life are inferior to sawdust.It can be used alone or mixed with sawdust.

Rice husk should not be crushed, otherwise too fine is not conducive to ventilation.Compared with sawdust, rice husk has the advantages of single variety and stable quality. Generally, it is unnecessary to worry about excessive humidity and mildew.The effect of adding a few rice husks to the sawdust to make mattresses fermented is similar to that of using a single sawdust.The advantage of this kind of cushion material formula is that it improves the air permeability of pure sawdust and reduces the adhesion of pure sawdust after wetting.