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Technical Requirements For Degradable Tableware
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Must be non-toxic, harmless, clean and non-polluting, in line with the National food Hygiene and Environmental protection regulations, the standard raw materials for the production of disposable biodegradable tableware.

Do not use the following raw materials, additives, paints and chemical preparation, processing disposable degradable food and beverage:

1. Non-polluting natural materials and rough products;

2. Failure to deteriorate, mildew or be contaminated;

3. The content of hazardous substances does not conform to hygienic standards;

4. Recycling of recycled materials;

5. Fluorescent Brightener. Green packaging should meet three points, one is easy to recover, the second is easy to dispose, the third is easy to eliminate, is easy to be integrated into the natural environment, but even biodegradable tableware, is not a short time can do.

Many degradation products claim degradation time of three months to six months, but in fact, this is determined in the laboratory standard environment, in the natural environment, degradation by temperature, humidity and other factors, such as you put the lunch box where there is no water, then it is difficult to degrade ", in the natural conditions, degradation products need at least one year time degradation.