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The Advantages Of Vegetable Fiber Tableware
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The advantages of plant fiber tableware in the current replacement of EPS tableware degradable plastic tableware, PE laminating paperboard tableware, pulp molding tableware, plant fiber molding tableware, starch molding tableware and other five alternatives, plant fiber molded tableware has two major advantages:

One is the resource superiority, it completely does not consume the wood, the material source is extensive, is abundant, all is the renewable resources, is very suitable for our country's resources situation, can suppress short swagger; The second is the environmental advantages, it self-degradation performance, do not need to carry out a large amount of recovery, in the environment, self-elimination, in the soil can be loose soils, under a certain raw material group, but also as fish, poultry, is a kind of the most environmentally friendly tableware.