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What Is Environmental Protection Material?
- Oct 05, 2018 -

1. Environment-friendly material mainly refers to the environment-friendly nature of the material itself. The material is basically natural and non-toxic, which is processed or synthesized artificially.

2, environmental protection material according to its material for points, there is only a pure natural processing, the basic non-toxic pollution-free, such as wood, gypsum, SLATE and other environmental protection materials;There are also processed synthetic toxicity in a controllable range of harmless to human body, such as fiberboard and other environmental protection materials.Environmental protection material presses its action, also have pipe material, plank, wall material, adornment material to wait a moment.At present our common environmental protection material has the steel tube and so on steel material, the floor tile and so on the floor material, the hemp yarn wallpaper cloth and so on metope decoration and the latex paint and so on, the environmental protection material also has the environmental protection illumination, if saves energy the lamp and so on.